I am a travel writer based in Torquay, Australia and spend pretty much all of my waking hours either talking about vanning (being co-owner of the successful campervan manufacturing company Achtung Camper), dreaming about vanning (I’m an avid travel planner/exemplary Virgo) or, (YESSS!) actually vanning.  If I’m not exploring Australia in one of our campervans with my partner and feisty 5 year old, I’m eating Pretzels and exploring Europe in our 30 year old Hymer Motorhome (based in Leipzig, Germany).  I specialise in the realities of campervan travel, with little one in tow.   I’m always digging to uncover local secrets, the best undiscovered camping spots and how to make life on the road that little bit easier.

Email me contact@taniatravels.com.au